Aurora Herbs & Bodywork


Herbs, Herbalists, and Bodywork

Aurora Herbs & Bodywork is a boutique herbal apothecary and bodywork clinic located at the junction of mountains and plains, in Aurora, Colorado.  We are experienced practitioners in herbalism, massage therapy, reflexology and more, with the express purpose of supporting the health of our clients, community, and environment.


Prickly Poppy

Pasque Flower

Indian Paintbrush & Dandelion


Herbs & Herbalists

We are certified Master Herbalists from Colorado State accredited schools. 

Our team is passionate about subtle nuances in the quality of herbals that we use - we work with only the highest quality, most pristine, and purest forms of herbals available.

Aurora Herbs and Bodywork stocks the highest quality raw materials for personal formulations and creates individualized herbal remedies for clients.

We provide a 2 day turnaround, in most cases, for herbalists. Check out our Apothecary page for more details.

In Good Hands

Each member of our team has 10-20 years’ experience in holistic and integrated health services, with hundreds of happy clients that keep coming back.

Bodywork services include massage therapy, reflexology, biofeedback and Reiki. Regardless of your health objective or pain point, we can tailor a program to support your particular needs. Please visit the practitioner page for a list of the providers and their specialties.