Aurora Herbs & Bodywork


Welcome To Our Apothecary

Filled with organic, ethically obtained herbs, Aurora Herbs & Bodywork carries a wide variety of herbs from several different herbal traditions.

We take great pride in the quality of our extractions. You can be assured you are getting top quality herbal products.

We provide herbal formulas for our clients, and fill requests for formulas for other herbalist.  We have a busy bodywork practice running alongside the herbal practice and our practitioners are often seeing clients.  Call ahead to make sure someone can help you (720-870-3183), or there will be an herbalist available Tuesday morning 9:00am to 11:30am and Saturday afternoon 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

We provide a 48 hour turnaround for herbalists, in most cases.  Formula requests made after 12:00pm on Saturday may not be mailed until Tuesday morning.


Herbalist Services

The "Herbalist Zone" is a proprietary portion of our site.  It has been designed to ensure that an herbalist is requesting remedies, and requested formulas are secure.  Contact us using the contact form so we can set up access to the portal. 

The Herbalist Zone has has a current list of herbs in both dry and extract.  If you do not see an herb you work with regularly send us a request and, in most cases, would love to add it to our inventory.

Our Policies

Your formula will be protected.  A list of herbs will be provided to the customer with the largest amounts first, but amounts will not be listed on the labels.

All filled formula requests are kept onsite for the purposes of tracking, your formula recipe will not be sold to anyone.

Each herbalist must have an email address.  This allows us to have all the formula requests in one place and will reduce the opportunity for error.

All requests must include herbalists name and contact information, clients name and contact information, list of herbs by parts, weight, or mills., dosing information.

We provide a 2 business day turnaround for herbalists, in most cases.  Formula requests made after 5:00pm Friday, may not be filled until Tuesday morning.