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Reiki 1

Maryann Kosinski- Teacher

Reiki (ray-key) is a healing modality that utilizes life force energy.  It is a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of working with the body's own natural ability to heal and balance itself.

Passed down from Master/Teacher to student through atunements, Reiki connects the student to this universal healing force.  Having access to this universal flow allows the practitioner to work with greater amounts of energy, and this healing energy can be passed on to others through the hands.

Reiki can be used easily with many modalities, or by itself.  This energy can be applied to oneself as well as shared in a group session.

In addition, Reiki has often been utilized as a transformation tool to support personal growth and healing for the spirit, emotions, and body.

It is a beautiful and effective way of working with people that can calm and relax them, increase intuitive abilities and connect one to the healer within.

Cost $120.  1 hour on your own for lunch.

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