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November, Thanksgiving and Gratitude


It's November the Time Of Thanksgiving and Gratitude 
Thanksgiving, a celebration started by President George Washington in 1789, was originally a harvest festival, an appropriate celebration for a country that had just harvested it’s freedom, and it’s new form of government.  Throughout the years this celebration has become what we know today.  Gratitude during Thanksgiving is the message of the month, and it is quite appropriate for our very fist blog.  I simply counldn't miss the chance to express my extreme gratitude for the therapist co-workers, that are this business.

Aurora Herbs and Bodywork opened it’s doors in February of 2015.  I was in search of people who wanted to work in an alternative, holistic, care center, and were interested in a collaborative work environment.  As I began seeking these people out, friends and acquaintances came forward with interest.  I was happy just to have people interested, so they signed on and we got started.  Just as we opened our doors, a regular client of mine, John, asked me, “What are you trying to do here?”

My “elevator speech” wasn’t quite formulated and I started telling him about what we offered based solely on what each practitioner brings to the office....

”Well, we have 3 massage therapists, 3 reflexologists, 3 Aromatherapist, 3 herbalists, and a biofeedback practitioner and Aricular Therapy practioner.” 

As I relayed this information to John, it dawned on me just how extensive our offerings are.  Additionally, each practitioner brings with them literally decades of experience.  We are former teachers, school owners, a corporate trainer, all practitioners have multiple certifications and/or formal education, not to mention years in corporate or mainstream businesses.  They are engaged, caring, knowledgeable practitioners that I am honored and grateful to be associated with.  Everyone is completely committed to their practice, and to adapting each session to the needs and best outcomes for their clients.  This isn’t just me saying this, the number of return clients for each practitioner speaks for itself.

What I really wanted to communicate in this first blog is my extreme gratitude during Thanksgiving, for my co-workers and all the fun and talent they bring to our office.  I encourage you to communicate with those you appreciate in your work place and let them know how much they mean to you.  This simple recognition can make someone's day, not to mention create a workplace ally and add some needed fun.

I am very fortunate to have such talented, knowledgeable therapists who are passionate about their trade.  They continue to learn through hands on treatment of their clients, reading, collaborating, and continuing education.  I am so grateful for each of them. Look through our website, and see the talents that each practitioner brings.  Book and appointment, you will not be disappointed.


Marie B. Jahne

Massage Therapist, Master Herbalist

Owner of Massage Aurora & Aurora Herbs & Bodywork

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