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How to Further Enjoy a Cup of Coffee and Support Your Immune System

I’m loving this time of the year.

Autumn brings a change of color of beautiful golden yellows and warm browns. It also brings change to our bodies as well, and no surprises here, not all of our bodies adjust well to these weather changes. Some of the ways this shows up is as allergies, colds and the flu.

So, our immune systems can be compromised.  

Some great methods to deal with the stresses and support your immune system is getting enough rest, eating balanced meals of natural, whole foods and reducing processed food intake. Drinking a ton of water and herbal teas helps the body, and receiving some form of bodywork such as massage, Reiki, also reflexology and auricular therapy provide benefits. Supplementing the diet with vitamin, minerals and herbs also strengthen and support your body, and support your immune system.

I also want to include here some other ways to assist your immune system on a daily basis. One method is what I’ll call the time out. Think about your breath, inhaling and exhaling and that slight pause before you breathe in again. Observing this brings your focus inward. It can be done at a light, standing on line or sitting in traffic. It’s brief and effective. Just one attentive breath, or maybe two or three.

Here’s another way.  

When you have a cup of coffee, give your full attention to what you’re doing. Feel the weight of the cup, feel the texture of the cup is it smooth, is it rough? Does it feel comforting to hold this warm or cold cup in your hands? Watch as you lift the mug to your mouth and then swallow. Smell the aroma of the brew and look at its color. It is a pause in your day to focus on one thing in the moment.

Resting in bed after the alarm rings and pausing to stretch before you begin your day is another suggestion. It doesn’t have to be complicated or involved. Some other pauses in the day can be reading a passage, a poem, a phrase repeated a few times, or a favorite prayer. Perhaps a photo or picture to look at or simply gazing out the window at something pleasant. Those of you who work with animals or have pets have a tangible method to destress within easy reach

These suggestions may not sound like much, but they shift your attention by helping you to move with more awareness into what you’re doing.  Assisting you to inhabit one moment at a time. I’ve been bringing this attention into my own life for over awhile now and I can see a subtle change in several areas, one of them being how I handle stress on a daily basis. I still experience stress. How long it sticks around is noticeably shorter.

Moments of stillness occurring throughout the day, and accumulating day to day and week to week connecting to each other. This builds a reserve that I can draw upon. 

These time outs provide contrast and balance giving your immune system a break.

I realize that even though these ideas are simple, that they are not always easy to apply. We all have our habits. We are retraining ourselves, and giving support to our immune system, and that can take time. I encourage you to take as much time as you need. There are definite benefits.

Maryann Kosinski, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher





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