Aurora Herbs & Bodywork


Herbal Services

Aurora Herbs and Bodywork provides herbal consults from Master Herbalists educated in Colorado State approved schools.  We take great care when listening to our clients and their needs.  Then formulate herbal remedies to meet those needs.  

If you are an Herbalist, you provide the formula and we will blend it, get it ready for your client, and contact the client when it is ready.  We will not use your formula in anyway, and we will not use your client information in any other fashion.

It is our deepest desire to support the health of our clients, and the professionalism and confidence of herbalists.  It needs to be stated, however, that we do not diagnose or treat, and this does not take the place of seeing a physician, or appropriate medical practitioner for medical conditions.

Clinical Aromatherapy

Aroma therapy has been practiced for centuries and derives it's healing nature from the essential oils of plants.  Our practitioners have been specially trained, and create unique blends of oils for our clients.


Reflexology is an ancient art dating back to Egypt.  Deeply relaxing reflexology is extremely supportive of the body.  The practitioner can focus on a single body system, or an overall balancing treatment.  Sessions may include feet and lower legs, hands and arms, and face and stimulate reflex area's within the body to encourage healing.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has become a standard in natural and alternative care.  It has shown to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and create deep relaxation.  Therapists at Aurora Herbs and Bodywork practice a variety of modalities including Neuromuscular therapy, Deep tissue, gentle lymphatic drainage, oncology, Reiki, medical massage, and massage for the medically frail.