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I Love My Ordinary Life, Not My Hair-On-Fire, Crazy Life

We all have them, the oh-so-perfect days that we consider (or wish to consider) as just another ordinary day in our life...and then there are those help-everything-is-crazy days that interrupt our Zen and threaten to take the place of the ordinary day we truly want to have.  What does your ordinary …

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November, Thanksgiving and Gratitude


It's November the Time Of Thanksgiving and Gratitude 
Thanksgiving, a celebration started by President George Washington in 1789, was originally a harvest festival, an appropriate celebration for a country that had just harvested it’s freedom, and it’s new form of government.  Througho…

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Gratitude for My Career Path

November is the month of gratitude. I thought I would write about how grateful I am for massage. I’m grateful on so many levels, personal and professional. Massage has also allowed me to go places I probably would not have gone before.

On a personal level, I was looking for a career where I…

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